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QCM Paper Cutter Parts

Buy QCM Paper Cutter repair parts and get that old cutter sharp and cutting like new!

You are sure to find QCM Paper Cutters all over the world. These stack paper cutter models are tried and true to be trusted by so many paper cutting clients. QCM Paper Cutter parts are easy to replace and install for all of their models. Find common wear parts like cutting sticks and replacement blades that can be changed out in just minutes. Another popular paper cutter repair part is the pull down arm that can bend and get loose with repetitive use.

The overall appearance and health of the mecanical components of your QCM Paper Cutter help you keep your unit sharp and accurate like the first day you bought it. Need help selecting and finding the correct parts for your QCM cutter series model? Call in now to speak with one of our paper cutting technicians to find out all about the full list of parts you should consider getting this printing season.

Sharp Blades and Cutting Sticks

Keep an eye on your QCM wearables like the cutting blade and the cutting sticks!

There is nothing better than stack cutting paper with a reliable and efficient QCM paper cutter. There is nothing worse than getting ready to cut large quantities of paper only to find out your QCM cuter model needs a repair part to let it function properly. We feature a wide array of available QCM cutter repair parts to change out the defect or worn items on your model to get it cutting fast like new again. Cleaning it properly each time after use and even a weekly inspection of the cutting blade and the cutting stick parts is always a good idea to ensure the longevity of your paper cutting products.

User Note: The QCM 8700M and 8200M cutter models are some of the most widely found stack cutters in across America. We are sure to have the right parts you need and when you want to have them.

The QCM Stack Cutter History

When you think of a QCM stack paper cutter think passion, craftsmanship and overall pride. Just think that if you are using a guillotine, it take you hours to cut a stack of paper, but by using a QCM Portable Stack Paper Cutter, you will get the job done in just minutes. A QCM paper cutter saves you time, by over 90%, and delivers professional and precise results. As a manufacturer, to QCM there is no detail is too small or element of the product design that is considered insignificant. QCM cutting equipment is the true definition craftsmanship.

All of QCM machines are designed in the United States by the Quality Commercial Machines Corporation. Did you know that QCM is one of the very few companies in the industry that has been assessed and registered as meeting the requirements of ISO9001:2000 all the way back since June 2004. Every QCM desktop cutter comes with a strong warranty. With the patented technologies and design, the quality and performance of your machines is always guaranteed.

With QCM paper cutters rapidly becoming a household name, the homegrown product made appeal with the masses, and the promise of quality and excellently designed products above all else quickly made QCM stack cutters America’s cutter brand to ask for by name. With the ease of use and the reliability a company should expect from a stack paper cutter, QCM is the choice to buy each and every time. The end result is the paper cutters QCM is known for today and an aesthetic that stands the true test of time in every office.

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